Dondup - Confezioni Montibeller Borgo Valsugana Trento
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dondup-Confezioni Montibeller


Dondup is a lovely  history. Not just because it’s a great Italian success story, but for the many milestones it has passed since it was started in 1999. This is when Massimo Berloni and Manuela Mariotti were inspired to set it up by the philosophy of Tibetan Lama Myngar Dondup. In fact, his words “All men are equal. Race, colour and faith are nothing; only our thoughts and actions count.” were the inspiration for both brand and company. 

Dondup’s fame comes from its core business – a truly fabulous jeans collection. With denim as the beating heart of Massimo Berloni’s universe and company, it was only natural that it should also become the signature of Myngar Dondup too.  Bringing his considerable fashion experience to the new company, he immersed himself in a study of how jeans fit the human body, which led to the first jeans with low back pockets and perfect anatomical fit. And his  low back jeans are stunning! As are the natural dyes he uses in his jeans.   

The Lama’s “… only our thoughts … count” led Creative Director, Manuela Mariotti, to create Quodlibet, Dondup’s upscale collection that’s the result of her reflections on the Lama’s  (spingersi oltre) words. She realised that if our thoughts count, then “what I like”  is central. And what she likes is well-designed styles for fashion without rules, brought together in an eclectic collection for the top stores to sell to the most dedicated and demanding of fashion followers. Prints, blended fabrics, colour and art all have an important role to play in this experiment to create garments that are made – from start to finish – by Italian artisans, with all the passion and quality you’d expect of designer fashion but with a high street price tag. The skill and know-how that results from such an artisanal approach are the cornerstones of this company and a key ingredient in its unstoppable success. Research, attention to detail and love of innovation are all essential ingredients in this brand that we’re sure you’ll love just as much as we do.