KO-SAMUI - Confezioni Montibeller Borgo Valsugana Trento
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ko-samui-Confezioni montibeller


Ko-Samui T-shirts Made in Italy.

Just off the coast of Thailand, where pure, untouched Nature punctuates the horizon  between sea and sky, is an island with a market that sells the talismans and good luck charms that are part of the black magic tradition that’s rich in fascinating stories. Wandering through the various stands of this secret world, the air you breathe; the sounds and colours that blend with the heavily scented air, until you can no longer tell which is which; the chatter and baffling dialects transform your experience into something surreal. The locals may not speak your language, but they are perfectly at home with your tourist’s curiosity. And with friendly gestures and toothless smiles they invite you to come closer, to touch their necklaces, and their religious charms and talismans without fear.

In front of one of these stands we first meet Parisian, Leonie, taking her first steps as a writer; Benji, Japanese designer, and Brian, inveterate surfer and penniless traveller. Fascinated, they watch me meticulously gather the delicate nuances of each object in my Leica lens. And the feelings that unite us are so powerful we decide to explore the island together. All four sharing something of ourselves that enriches the others. Without our knowing it, we were planning something grand: something really important together.

The years pass, and our lives go in separate directions. But the distance and national borders that separate us makes not the slightest dent in our friendship. Our dream of doing something together is just as strong now as it was then. It’s 2014, and six years have passed since we first met in that market. But now, our longed-for collaboration has a name. It’s this place: Ko Samui – an ancient art for a modern age!

You can discover the new collections of  Ko-Samui  to Boutique Confezioni Montibeller. It is now a historic space that’s focused on the future. Where the needs of the most demanding client are met in uniquely beautiful surroundings.

We are the place to come for anyone wanting new styles and the latest fashions that are made entirely in Italy.

Keeping pace with changing times has helped us go from simple fabric sellers, to offering the big fashion houses, and discovering emerging stylists who create garments and accessories that are as innovative in their use of fabric as they are in their design.

We adore finding the artisan designers and makers whose creative flare transforms the clothes you wear into works of art.

And while we use this innate passion to follow international trends, our first love remains Made in Italy.

Rather than offer our clients garments from a particular brand, we offer the styles, and trends that represent the very best the market has to offer. One that combines big names with new and original stylists to bring you clothes for every occasion.

We’ve taken a journey through what Made In Italy really means to offer you fashions that express a uniquely Italian style. One that makes all the difference!